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28 Printable Puzzles for Toddlers and Preschoolers (PDF)

These printable puzzles for kids are instantly downloadable and are a great addition to your puzzle collection at home or in your classroom.  They are also perfect to use as a cut-and-paste activity.

There are a variety of basic jigsaw puzzles for toddlers and some more challenging multi-piece puzzles for preschoolers. 

Ranging from 2 pieces to 24 pieces, they are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years.

Print them onto sturdy paper or cardstock and laminate them if possible to last longer.

You could also print them onto paper and make this a cut-and-paste activity.

Here is a preview of all 28 printable puzzles in the set:

Printable Puzzles Empowered Parents

There are so many benefits of puzzles in early childhood, such as improving fine motor skills or strengthening attention span.

Make sure that you offer these printable puzzles in addition to regular, wooden puzzles as they should never replace learning to build real puzzles (these are the best puzzles for toddlers and puzzles for preschoolers).

Also note that a child who can build a regular 8-piece puzzle might find these much more challenging as they don’t come in a wooden tray and they don’t physically fit together. 

Building these relies solely on visual perception and a child identifying pieces of a picture. The right number of pieces is a puzzle that is challenging but doable. Any more is just frustrating. 

Here is a list of all the puzzles in the printable PDF.

Printable 2-Piece Puzzles

There are eight 2-piece puzzles – a set of ocean-themed puzzles and a set of toy-themed puzzles.

2 piece puzzles of ocean animals
Printable 2-piece puzzles of kid toys

Printable 4-Piece Puzzles

These 4-piece puzzles are still large enough for toddlers to handle. There are 8 fun vehicle, wild animal and pet puzzles in the set.

4-piece puzzles of car and airplane
4-piece puzzles of ambulance and fire truck
Wild animals 4 piece puzzles
Pet animals 4-piece puzzles

Printable 8-Piece Puzzles

There are three large 8-piece puzzles – an airplane, a car and a pretty garden scene with a girl and a butterfly.

Airplane 8 piece puzzle
8 piece puzzle of a car
8-piece puzzle of a girl in a garden

Printable 12-Piece Puzzles

These 12-piece puzzles are more suitable for children who can confidently build puzzles. Two of them are full-page puzzles – dinosaur and jungle scenes – and two of them are half-page puzzles with farm scenes.

12 piece puzzle of a dinosaur
Jungle puzzle with 12 pieces
Two 12-piece farm puzzles

Printable 20-Piece Puzzles

Older preschoolers will be able to tackle these three challenging 20-piece puzzles. They will love the duck pond, under the sea and wild cat themes.

Printable 20 piece puzzle of duck pond
20 piece ocean puzzle
20 piece wild cats puzzle

Printable 24-Piece Puzzles

And finally, the 24-piece beach and dinosaur puzzles are sure to keep kids busy and persevering.

24 piece beach scene puzzle
24 piece puzzle of dinosaurs

Click below to get your copy of the printable puzzles:

Printable puzzles

Image showing the 10 jigsaw puzzles included in the printable. Text reads "28 printable puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers".

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Thursday 17th of August 2023

Hi, please sign up here to download the puzzles:

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