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4 Fairy Tale Poems for Young Kids

Delight your kids with these entertaining fairy tale poems about familiar characters and creatures.

Jack, Pinocchio, Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood have their stories retold in these awesome fairy tale nursery rhymes, written by Becky Ross Michael.

Reading these to your children is great for building listening skills, comprehension and language.

Here are Becky’s four awesome rhyming fairy tales:

Talk about a Beanstalk!

by Becky Ross Michael

Oh, Jack was a silly and quite lazy lad
Sent off by his mother with all that they had.
“Go sell our last cow and please bring me some cash,
So we can buy clothing and food. You must dash!”

Jack ambled so slowly without any plan,
And soon on the road, the boy met a strange man.
“If you would like riches, then I’ll show you how,
For these magical seeds, you must trade me your cow.”

With beans in his hand, Jack went home to his mother.
“You’re so foolish, son, and unlike any other.
With no riches, no cash, and with no food to eat,
When winter arrives, we won’t even have heat.”

She heaved all the seeds through the air to the ground,
And sent Jack to bed with not one single sound.
And while they both slept, a stalk magically grew,
By sunrise, its branches reached high into blue.

Jack jumped from his bed, and he dared not to stop,
Until he had climbed all the way to the top.
There entered a castle for riches to find,
But then he heard sounds of a horrible kind.

“Oh, fee, fi, fo, fum!” a huge giant roared,
Jack hid in the cupboard where dishes were stored.
He peeked at the giant, who yelled at his hen,
“Now lay me gold eggs, or it’s back to your pen!”

When eggs made of gold finally covered the floor,
The hulk closed his eyes, and he started to snore.
Jack snuck from the cupboard and had to be bold,
To pick up that hen and those eggs made of gold.

“Cluck, cluck!” called the hen, as Jack hurried away,
The giant climbed, too, the stalk starting to sway.
“Oh, help me, dear Mother!” Jack called with a frown,
And jumped near the end to arrive quickly down.

His mom grabbed an axe, and she started to chop,
The giant was close, getting ready to hop.
She took one more swing, heard his “Fee, fi, fo, fuuum…”
The giant went flying, fell right on his bum.

With tears in his eyes, that huge man ran away
And has never been seen there, again to this day.
Jack’s family buys food and has nice clothes to wear,
Their hen lays gold eggs and is happy to share!

Magic beanstalk and castle in the clouds

A Good Kid

by Becky Ross Michael

With care, young Pinocchio was carved out of wood,
A puppet, you see, by Geppetto he stood.
That lonely old man only wished for a son,
A fairy appeared and she promised him one.

A wave of her wand would give life to that toy,
No longer a puppet, he’d be a real boy.
The fairy then warns him to never be bad,
And follow all rules that are made by his dad.

Pinocchio is naughty and tells many lies,
to dodge out of trouble and then sadly cries.
But every new fib gives him even more nose,
It swells, it extends, it enlarges, and GROWS!

He can’t be a real kid with a nose like a clown,
So he joins the circus and runs from their town.
Geppetto feels sad, as he strolls by the sea,
He’s gulped by a whale and then he can’t get free!

Pinocchio is shocked, upon hearing the news,
Returns home at once and will search for some clues.
He walks by the shore and then sadly he calls,
“Geppetto?” he yells, as he cries, and he bawls.

The large whale nearby wants to eat one more snack,
Forlorn, young Pinocchio ignores his attack.
The giant of mammals swims in on the tide,
He opens his mouth with Geppetto inside!

“Grab onto my nose!” he calls out to the man,
Who safely is pulled from those jaws to the sand.
The fairy appears with such joy in her eyes,
Her wand then returns his large nose to its size.

“You’ve shown that you’re loving and more than a toy,
From this day now forward, you are a real boy!”
Through truth and hard work, greatest joy, and much fun,
The two are so happy as father and son!

Drawing of Pinocchio


by Becky Ross Michael

So close, she peeked in through the glass,
She snooped and sniffed, this nosy lass.

No one at home, she tried the door,
The bowls were filled, the glasses poured.

One bowl too hot, the other too cold,
For this small girl with hair of gold.

One chair too big, the next one still,
The third one caused her such a spill.

One bed too hard, the other too soft,
The best one rocked her in the loft.

One blue eye opened and met their stares,
And what she saw were three brown bears!

“Oh, YIKES!” said Goldi and jumped from bed,
“Now, I can nap!” the baby bear said.

Goldilocks and the three bears

Instead of Red

by Becky Ross Michael

To Granny’s house I bring sweet treats,
Along the path, who should I meet?
My hood of red has caught his eye,
I cannot blend with earth and sky.

What if my hood were sewn with blue?
Would Wolfie still know what to do?
Like sky and seas, it calms the mind,
I wouldn’t then be in this bind!

What if my hood were sewn with green?
Would Wolfie still create a scene?
Like grass and trees, it cools our thoughts,
To then behave as we are taught.

What if my hood were sewn with brown?
Would Wolfie then remove that frown?
Like sand and soil, it soothes our fears,
So then our lives will have less tears.

It’s Mr. Wolf, ten steps ahead,
What is his plan? Will she be dead?
At Granny’s door, I’m filled with fear,
What will I find? What’s that I hear?

I grab the knob and turn it slow,
To sneak inside before he knows.
But laughing with two cups of tea,
Dear Gran and Mr. Wolf I see!

She wears a green and light blue shirt,
and pants of brown…she isn’t hurt!
I leave my hood outside the door,
A third cup, now, my granny pours!

Little red riding hood

I hope you’ve enjoyed these poems about fairy tales.

Try these rhymes about books to get your kids excited about reading or learn these nursery rhymes and preschool songs together.

Prefer stories? Here are some short bedtime stories that your kids will love, also written by Becky Ross Michael.

About the author:

Becky is a former preschool director and elementary teacher, who grew up and then raised her own family in Michigan.

She now gardens and works on her sunny balcony in North Texas. Writing for kids and adults, her pieces appear in magazines, anthologies, blogs (she is a regular writer for Empowered Parents), and children’s readers.

In addition, she enjoys the challenge of working as a freelance editor. Visit the author at her personal blog, Platform Number 4!

Author Becky Ross Michael
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Monday 12th of July 2021

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing...

Tanja Mcilroy

Friday 16th of July 2021

You're welcome, Bette!

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