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School Readiness

School Readiness

Making sure your child is ready for school is not as complicated as it sounds!

All it involves is a good solid foundation of play and a set of skills that your child will use when beginning formal education.

To understand the full picture of what your child needs to learn during the early years, go to the section on Child Development in the main menu above, or read on to find out more about formal learning. 

You don’t need to teach your child to read, write or do mathematics with any fancy, formal programs.

In fact, it is important that your child begins school with all the necessary pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-mathematical skills.

When your child has learnt the foundational skills they will find the process of learning to read, write and do mathematics much easier than a child who is missing these vital skills.

These articles will show you what your child needs to learn, how he learns these skills through play, as well as many ideas for helping him at home.

Although your child may be attending a preschool already, there is no reason you can’t also play an active role in further developing his readiness skills at home.

I teach parents how to engage in simple, uncomplicated, basic activities and games with their kids in order to make home a fun extension of school.

Take charge of helping your child and ensuring he/she is ready for school and ready for success!

Explore These School Readiness Topics

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